The Town of Murray Harbour is a source of tremendous pride to those of us who call it home. Greatly defined as a fishing village, our harbour is bustling with life and energy both in and on the water.

From near and far, visitors flock to our town to experience our wholesome way of life. They wander around the harbour, hike and bike our red dirt trails and enjoy the freshest seafood imaginable. Some say, a day in Murray Harbour is a worth a week in vacation time. We like the sounds of that.

But don’t let our laid back lifestyle fool you! You don’t have to look far to find something to get your heart racing around here. Enjoy the day sailing, fishing or kayaking, and kick up your feet in the evening with a traditional ceilidh.

Whatever it is that brings you, we invite you to visit us, soak up the atmosphere and fully experience life in our special harbour town.

Have a dog?  Why not visit our fenced-in dog park and give your family friend a good run? The park is located on Faye Fraser Drive.


If you plan on sailing in, Click Here to see an excerpt from the book

Cruising Guide to the Saint-Lawrence.