Utilities and Services

Sewer Services

Sewage services within the village are administered by the Community of Murray Harbour Sewer Utility. The current boundary extends along Cape Bear Road and includes all streets within the village, including short sections of Robertson Road and Westview Drive. The Mill Road and Machons Point Road are not included within the boundary. All property owners (dwelling, house, shop, store, office, or other building) with land that abuts a sewer line are required to connect to the system in accordance with the policies of the Utility. For more information, please review Bylaw #102 – Sewage Utility Bylaw or contact the Utility Office at sewageutility@murrayharbour.ca.

Fire Services

Fire services for Murray Harbour and the surrounding district are provided by the Murray Harbour Fire Department. This is a voluntary service comprised of community members who undertake regular fire and first aid certification training. For additional information, please review Bylaw #107 – Fire Services Bylaw or contact the Fire Department at (902) 962-2806.

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Utility & Service Contacts

Anne Harnesk
Sewage Utility Administrator

Tel: (902) 962-3835
Email: sewageutility@murrayharbour.ca
Utility Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 9 am – 12 pm


Stephen MacKay
Fire Chief

Tel: (902) 962-2806  |  (902) 969-7712