107, 2020

Canada Day 2020

July 1, 2020|

Our Canada Day fundraiser was a great success; with a great crowd and funds raised.  The funds raised exceeded $2000!!

Many thanks to this great community!

50/50 Ticket # 453809 is the Winner of $87!!  Thanks to all who were able to play. 

Call the office, 962-3835, on either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 9am and 1pm to […]

1403, 2020

Murray Harbour Community Centre Closed

March 14, 2020|

The COVID 19 situation is rapidly escalating. In response to the PEI’s Chief Health Officer’s most recent recommendation that Islanders “Reconsider attending social gatherings where a 2-meter distance is not possible, especially if the elderly or immune-compromised people are present”, the Murray Harbour Council has decided to close the […]

1203, 2020

Municipal Tax Rate Increase in 2020 to Offset Expected Deficits

March 12, 2020|

The Rural Municipality of Murray Harbour is facing significant financial hurdles in the coming years. At present, village operation expenditures are expected to exceed income by $12K at the 2019/20 year-end and $21K in 2020/21. To help offset a portion of this, Council has approved a 5¢ increase to municipal property tax rates in 2020.

Forecasted […]

903, 2020

Beautification & Special Events Committee Annual Report 2019

March 9, 2020|

Submitted by Margaret VanIderstine, Chair

The B&S Committee would like to extend a heartfelt expression of gratitude for all the people who helped with our fundraising throughout 2019; the list is very long and worthy of praise and extends far beyond our municipal boundaries. Our local farmers, fishermen, vendors, residents, and council members all played a […]

1701, 2020

Council Seat Filled by Acclamation

January 17, 2020|

The Village Council is pleased to welcome Paula MacLean as the new Councillor for Murray Harbour. As the only nomination received by close of Nomination Day, Paula has been elected by acclamation. Welcome Paula!

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