Murray Harbour is the kind of town some will say exists only in the movies. The kind of place where everybody knows your name and the community comes out to support one another. The truth is, we really are that kind of place.

The way of life in Murray Harbour might be considered unique to some but not to us. We’re just hardworking people, raising families and together building a community we are proud to call home.

And being proud of our community means making sure our residents have access to the things they need. Groceries, gas, post office, hardware store, vehicle repair are all right here. Dog park, library and community hall, look no further! People travel from all over the world to experience our beauty, our food and our people and here we are, lucky enough to be surrounded by it every day.

And our town is growing!

We have a vision and we’re working toward it. Buildings continue to be given new life, parks are being built and new amenities being introduced. See that’s what we do here, we join forces and make things happen together. The result? We just keep getting better.


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