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Community Newsletter – July  2016 Issue


Welcome visitors and welcome back summer residents!
Did You Know?  You can help the David Suzuki Foundation by recycling your electronics. “Think Recycle” is a cost-free environmental fundraising program that collects unwanted electronics, including cell phones, printer cartridges, laptops, tablets and digital cameras for responsible disposal through refurbishment, recycling and reuse. “All items are safely and responsibly processed in Canada.”  How it works:  1. Visit and register to become a member. (Make sure you indicate that you are supporting the David Suzuki Foundation)  2. Collect a minimum of 10 unwanted electronics, and pack them in a cardboard box.  3. Request your pre-paid shipping label, attach it to your box and send it back to ‘Think Recycle’, and the funds you earn will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation.
Murray Harbour W.I.  Since 1924, the PEIWI has played an integral part in Old Home Week. The PEIWI Handcraft, Horticulture and Art Show is an annual competition that features Island artisans. For more information, go to


Deadline for submissions for our next newsletter is August 29th, 2016.                                                                P. O. Box 72, 27 Park Street                                                        Murray Harbour, PE.  C0A 1V0

Fax:  (902) 962-3865    Phone: (902) 962-3835
13428455_875911322535355_2657573898408883528_n-1 Ocean Acres Cottage & Campground

Pool day passes are $5, kayak and paddle boat rentals are $10 per hour.  The deck canteen is open from 7 to 3 daily!  For more info, visit their website



harbourview-restaurantHarbourview Restaurant   Congratulations!  We love to see the restaurant so full of life.  Their website is presently under construction, but will be at






museumLog Cabin Flea Market   194 Robertson Road.  Every other Sunday starting July 3rd, from 1 to 4 PM.  Local vendors selling all kinds of hidden treasures.



Otis-and-Linda-ButlerButler’s  Open Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 9PM, and Sunday, 1PM to 6PM







No.5 Café Open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday, 11AM to 8:30PM, and Sunday, from 11AM to No 57:30PM.  Visit for more info.






D.W Baker Cycle and Auto Open Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM

Murray Harbour Post Office 962-2710

A.E. Mackay & Sons Ltd. 962-2230
cape-bearCape Bear Lighthouse & Marconi Station   Celebration of the relocation of the lighthouse is taking place on August 13th, from 2 PM to 5 PM.  A Seafood Feast prepared by Chef Greg Pearce, as well as music and entertainment will be offered.  Official dignitaries will be in attendance.  This event is a fundraiser for the lighthouse.  Tickets are $50.  To purchase tickets, please call (902) 962-2917, or Wallace Jorden @ (902) 314-2467, or any other Lighthouse Board Member.


The Cape Bear Lighthouse was built in 1881 – celebrating its 135th year this year.  It is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year.  The lighthouse is open weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM, all summer, and is a great place for picnics or for a nice book-reading time in a peaceful setting with breathtaking views.

If you happen to have an old dingy, dory or small row boat that you would like to donate, we are looking for these items to set around the lighthouse property.


Northumberland Fisheries Festival    Thursday July 28th to Sunday July 31st. Watch for the flyers to come out.


Murray Harbour Library

New Hours :

Tuesday: 5 pm – 8 pm     Thursday: 5 pm – 8 pm

Friday: 10 am – 3 pm       Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm


From the Chair of your Council

Municipal governance isn’t at the top of most people’s minds. It’s kind of dry. But it’s going to affect all of us in the next few years as our Provincial Government brings in a new Municipalities Act, the Act that governs how municipalities must operate, later this year, and new Provincial Land Use policies some time after that. The new Act will not make life easier for small communities, as it will make greater demands on the professionalism and accountability of our operations.

Your Council is staying abreast of these changes. Our own Official Plan and Planning Bylaws, which will be aligned with these Provincial changes, will be presented publicly by the end of the summer. Planning Board is putting in a lot of work on this, and we are continuing to look at our position in the wider community. The Plan and associated Bylaws will protect your property values, and by making our community a better place to live will encourage people to settle and to bring business here.

Government has made it clear that amalgamation is coming, and our Official Plan will be one major bargaining chip in the negotiations we can expect in the future. I am now sitting as a member of the Board of directors of the Federation of PEI Municipalities so we can be in close touch with what’s happening elsewhere.

A recent meeting with representatives of the Provincial Department of Municipal Affairs and Planning made it clear that we have to improve our accounting systems for the whole of the community. Rather than separate accounting and auditing for the Village, the Sewer Utility and the Fire Department, we need to get

our accounting systems in line to meet Ministry requirements. This doesn’t mean that Council will be telling the Fire Department how to fight fires or using funds for general revenue, it’s simply a question of getting all our accounting systems working together and using the same program to save your money by doing away with duplication of effort and excess audit fees.

This Council can already take credit for one major accomplishment : the renovation of our Community Centre has made it fully accessible and more sustainable as well as much more attractive, while retaining some of the features that have always made it a special place. The kitchen now meets all health requirements, as being a nicer place to work. We were happy to be able to temporarily lend the large propane cooking range, which wouldn’t have been used this summer, to help the new Harbourview Restaurant out of a jam – just one of the little things we do.

We have celebrated over 100 years of this building’s contribution to the Community by  making it good for another hundred. If you missed the grand opening, you missed a fun afternoon and a chance to look around all that’s been done. We’re glad to see the refurbished building is already attracting bookings. The Festival of Small Halls concert was a sellout and a complete blast, as well as a great opportunity to show off this wonderful facility. It’s great to have the Farmers Market back, and we welcome Jennie, our new Librarian starting July 13th.

We do miss the volunteers that made our public functions so much more fun, and I hope they will be back in the future. I hope the Ceilidhs that brought so much pleasure to so many aren’t going to disappear. Maybe some of our younger residents can step up to fill the breach.

There is also another major work on the horizon: expansion of our sewer system. This is the result of a one-time grant opportunity, where federal and provincial funds will pay for 75% of the work. This is an amazing opportunity, but with less than a month to plan and apply for it, it hasn’t been possible to consult with citizens and we hope you will understand this. Sewer rates are not set by Council but by IRAC, taking into account the cost of the system and the number of users. Murray Harbour currently has one of the highest sewer rates in the Province, but IRAC tells us that expansion at low cost, and with the present low interest-rate climate, should significantly lower rates for all users. A public meeting will be called as soon as possible after our grant application has been approved.

We considered replacing the sidewalk on Main Street, but residents didn’t want it. We have decided to forget it, and try to find the money for repairs and, perhaps more important, for snow clearing. A sidewalk replacement would have been paid for by grants, repairs will have to come out of your taxes. That’s the way funding works, and why sometimes it’s hard to understand how Council makes its decisions.

Please take a look at our new website. As you will see, it’s a work in progress: if there’s something you want to say, a photo you’d like to submit, information you’d like to see, please send an email to Sylvain at If you would like to publicize your business (free of charge) there is a form for submissions under the “Business Directory ” heading. In the interest of open government we will be posting notice of Council Meetings with an agenda, and minutes of meetings. Please understand that some financial or personal items may not be disclosed.

ATVs have been causing a nuisance recently: trespassing on private property, riding through crops, damaging wetlands, riding on beaches and streets. A public meeting will be held on Wednesday July 13th at 7.00pm, in conjunction with the RCMP and Conservation officers, and hopefully with input from our local ATV club, as it is in their interests to control this rogue element. If you know the people responsible, please let them know their behaviour is illegal: they could lose their machines, suffer large fines, and even face jail. It’s not worth it. If you suffer from this nuisance, please call the RCMP: you can do so anonymously if you wish.

This has been a busy year for Council so far, and the pace doesn’t show much sign of letting up. We’re always looking for volunteers: if you can offer some time, please let us know. And it you can’t, please thank a Councillor!

Jim Evans



Parks & Recreation   With many thanks to the on-going work of Shannon Penny, our grounds are looking great again.  If you haven’t been over to Railhead Park lately, you’ll find that it has never looked better.

Thanks also to our volunteers who are doing on-going weeding at the lookout and pumping station, grass-cutting at our kayak ramp on Fish Alley, and other chores as they pop up.  Working with these fine folks is one of the perks I get as a ‘Parks Person’, and it really makes it worthwhile.

We are re-doing the pavers at the lookout to even it up and to keep the weeds from coming up, and volunteers have added a touch of stain to perk things up a bit.  Lookin’ good!

We thank Bud Osbourne once again for the lawn furniture donated in Verna and Linda’s memory.  We had to reconfigure the unit as it was being damaged each time we would move it to bring it out for the season, and now that we have done so, we will be putting up plaques on them to acknowledge the Osbournes.

We are still working on a dog park – where the present ball park is located, and are also going to have a playground put up shortly.  The ‘tennis court’ area will also be completely redone, and will house a hockey area, and possibly a basketball and/or skate park area.  Designs are still being worked on.

Thanks to the Friendly Circle Club, we will soon be drilling a water well at the Railhead Park, and are looking at future possible uses for that area.

All in all, the summer is in full swing, and we hope you all enjoy this wonderful season.



Murray Harbour Fire Department     Jig the Joker.  Every Monday night at the Northumberland Arena.  Doors open at 6:30PM, trivia starts at 7:30PM.  Ticket sales stop at 8:20PM, and the draw is at 8:30PM.  Canteen open.

 Islanders are advised that the hot, dry and windy weather means burning permits are not valid. People are also being urged to use caution with any and all outdoor fires.

During the summer months, the biggest cause of forest fires are embers from outdoor flames such as BBQs, cigarettes, and sparks from engines. Current conditions are dry in most Island woodlands, so any fire could spread quickly, damaging crops, livestock, buildings and other structures.  Burning permits are required for any outdoor fire from March 15th to December 1st. Burning can only occur when the fire weather index is low and wind speeds are 10 km/h or less.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to check the forecast and have accurate information before initiating any fire.  Burning permits are available free of charge from any forest district office and Access PEI Centres.
Fire weather index information is available from any forest district office, online at, or by calling (902) 368-4800 after hours to hear an automated FWI recording.


Murray Harbour Farmers’ Market   The market opened July 2nd  with a celebration for Canada Day and the 4th of July.  It was great to see everyone again.  The Murray Harbour Farmers’ Market runs Saturday mornings 9 to 12, from July to the end of October.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events.

The Murray Harbour Farmers’ Market, along with the Murray Harbour Library, will be hosting “A Day in the Life of Murray Harbour”, Wednesday July 20th @ 7PM.  Everyone welcome.


Before you reach for a DEET bug repellent, try these non-toxic tips to make you and your home less attractive to mosquitoes.  1. Remove standing water (Mosquito breeding grounds), refresh bird and bee baths daily. Fill cover or remove back yard items that collect water, i.e. planters, toys, wheelbarrows etc.  2. Keep grass cut and shrubs trimmed.  3. Attract mosquito-eating Chickadees, House wrens, Bluebirds, Swallows and Martins with birdhouses and bird baths.  4. Avoid synthetic fragrances.  5. Cover up with long sleeves, long pants and socks.  6. Try herbal repellents, such as citronella, cedar, eucalyptus, lemon grass or peppermint oil.


Newsletter  As you might already know, we now have a brand new website, at  If you have not already visited it, please do so.  It is still somewhat bare, but we are constantly adding material.  One such addition will be the possibility to see or download our Community Newsletter.  Due to the great cost of printing and then mailing 300 copies, it has bee decided that we will from no longer distribute it in this manner, but rather post it on the website for anyone to access.  Also, if you wish, you can be advised by email when our newsletter does come out.  Simply register to be on our mailing list, through the website.  For anyone that prefers the traditional way of reading documents, there will still be printed copies available at the Village Office and at the library.



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