Town Council 2016 

Municipal Office: 27 Faye Fraser Drive

Phone 962-3835 Fax 962-3865

Chief Administrative Officer: Sylvain De Lafontaine 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 am to 3.30 pm

Administrator, Sewage Utility:  Lora Ann MacPhee

Monday and Tuesday 9 am to 12 pm

Garry Herring
Garry HerringChair of Council and Chair of Planning Board
(902) 741-2062
Shawn Landon
Shawn LandonVice-Chair of Council, Chair of Sewage Utility Board and Chair of Parks & Recreation Board
(902) 962-3315
Jim Evans
Jim EvansCouncillor and Chair of Events Committee
(902) 741-2027
James Irving
James IrvingCouncillor
(902) 969-0873
Robin Davidson
Robin DavidsonCouncillor
(902) 741-2035
Faye White
Faye WhiteCouncillor
(902) 962-2792
Wendy Siebrands
Wendy SiebrandsCouncillor, Member of Planning Board and Chair of Friendly Circle Club
(902) 962-3280